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Permission may be implied:

In some cases, permission to reproduce a craft work, or a design or pattern for a craft work, may be implied. For example, you will usually have implied permission to reproduce a craft item, pattern or design from a craft book, craft magazine or a manual, where it is clear that the readers are invited to do this. In some cases, there may be an express direction in the book, magazine or manual about reproducing craft items and patterns shown. You are even more likely to have implied permission to make an item from a pattern sold as a kit, although again there will often be an express direction about the use of the pattern.

Where permission can be implied, it will be limited to making items for PRIVATE and DOMESTIC use. If you want to make items for sale, or use them to teach craft work, you always need permission from the copyright owner.

Remember that the patterns in your machine manual comes under this copyright law. The owner is the machine manufacturer.

If the work is highly original, copying even a small part may infringe copyright. On the other hand, if the work is very simple, copyright is unlikely to be infringed unless the work is copied exactly or very closely.

As far as printed material is concerned, the most important right is the reproduction right. Reproducing copyright material without the copyright owner’s permission will infringe copyright. Reproducing the material means by photocopying, typing, copying by hand or scanning into a computer. There is no implied permission  to any type of reproduction just because they are in a pattern book, manual or magazine.


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